Executive team

Nicolas Bellouin, Executive director of Climaviation

Nicolas is a climate scientist. He uses satellite observations and climate models to quantify the climate impacts of atmospheric particles, which interact with sunlight, clouds, vegetation, and other components of the Earth system. He is Professor of Climate Processes at the University of Reading, United Kingdom, and Chair of Aviation and Climate at Sorbonne Université, France. Nicolas is a Lead Author of Chapter 3 of the 6th Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Weeded Ghedhaifi, Deputy director of Climaviation

Research engineer in the Chemistry of Energy Materials, Emissions and Environmental Impact research unit of the Multi-Physics for Energy Department. Her research activities focus on the modelling and 3D numerical simulation of contrails in the near field of the aircraft and on the dispersion of aircraft emissions in the airport environment. She is also involved in the CAAT (Comité Avions ATmosphère), TC2 (Condensation Trails and Climate) and PHYWAKE (Condensation Trails) projects and was the leader of the Engine Emissions and Environmental Impact Research Unit in 2017.